Flow – Team




Anand Sharad Godse [M.A. Psychology, Fergusson College Pune]

An Endeavour of this nature and scope needs a selfless vision, deep rooted culture and philosophy. Anand Godse is that visionary. He represents the ideation end of the organization. A mentor to prodigious personalities, Anand is the force behind the smooth gelling of the organization and also the content generator. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in psychology in the area of Suryanamaskar.

Amruta Kher has done her Masters in Anthropology from Pune University. She has facilitated many a research in varied subject areas from Art, Health and Culture. She functions as the Research Director, and is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Pune.


Varun Venkit [M.A. in Clinical Psychology, University of Pune]

Varun Venkit is the founder / director of Taal Inc. Varun is a trained Drum Circle facilitator and the only Indian student of Grandmaster Djembefola Mamady Kaita. Varun is a Masters NLP Practioner (NFNLP, USA). He has been conducting Drum Circles for more than 10 years. He will soon file his application for a doctorate. Varun’s company, Taal Inc. carries out training and research through Drum Circles. Drumming is used as a therapy and a training tool for a lot of corporates and special needs populations.




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