Current Projects

  1. Art Talks:

Art Talks’, which is a 360 degrees, intensive, long-term, research-based, inclusive and experiential arts-based intervention program for special groups like:

  1. Children with mental health needs
  2. Underprivileged groups
  3. Geriatric groups
  4. At-risk groups
  5. Gifted groups… and more

Under Art Talks, specific therapeutic goals are identified upon commencement of the program for participant and positively influenced through arts-based interventions such as  Rhythm (Drumming), Creative movement, Visual Art, Speech and drama (Theatre), Yoga and Pranayama, Sports drills and skills, and counseling sessions.

Our objectives are:

  • To bring out inherent potential using participative and expressive arts interventions over a period of time
  • To enhance emotional, social, rational and spiritual intelligence
  • To reduce hyperactivity, increase attention span, sociability (group behavior)
  • To work on other psychological areas as per the requirement of the group
  • To document the role of the arts in health and well-being

We primarily work on areas of- Behavioral problems, life skills, speech and communication, gross and fine motor skills, developmental milestones, anger and anxiety and stress, expression, group cohesiveness, leadership and self awareness
If you are an organization that works with special needs groups and are interested in Art Talks, please contact us.

2. Lightening Sports Team

This is an interdisciplinary program designed by the coach and various experts for competitive swimmers who are training under The Royal Club, Pune. Flow-SSRO’s objective in this project includes involvement in the research, documentation, reporting and analysis of the training program. The physical training aspect of this program involves land training exercises to build a better physique for the participants and help them stay physically fit and increase the efficiency in swimming. The land training also involves performing sets of Suryanamaskar at specified intervals in the program to help the participants achieve the balance between mental and physical fitness. This is carried by our Flow-SSRO experts. The Sport Psychologist, being a part of Flow-SSRO,works on mental well-being of the participants through different tools like psychological testing, visualization (help them visualize their goals better), group talks, and drumming. In this aspect, the participants are also dealt with their confidence, personality, anxiety, concentration, motivation, will power, stress etc.

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