Research Areas

Flow believes that research helps build awareness and importance of arts-based activities for health & well-being, for society. Flow’s research expertise lies in the areas of:  

  1. Suryanamaskar & Yoga – Here, we explore the relationship of physical exercise and psychological well-being as described by Indian traditions, the effects of mindfulness on stress, and the relationship of Suryanamaskar, its practice and subsequent effects on relaxation.

  2. Drumming & Music – Drumming and music which are primarily community building activities have also been used as therapy or as an experiential arts-based intervention for special needs groups like children with mental health needs, underprivileged groups, geriatric groups, at-risk groups, gifted groups and more. In the corporate sector, drumming has been used to build/enhance team building, group cohesiveness  building, ice-breaking, stress buster, communication building, group dynamics training, and other training processes.
  3. Arts & Culture – We are also exploring the trends in society where traditional arts and culture play a role in shaping our community. This includes documentation of culturally rooted practices and events, sourcing primary and secondary information to gain insight from our traditional rituals, practices, etc.
    Our film on Dhol Taasha is the first of its kind in Pune.

  4. Sport based Drills & Skills – Competitiveness is primal to survival instinct. This premise and another one that the human body is trained to learn, adapt and condition itself to situations, is what the drills and skills intervention is based upon. We employ a multitude of games, drills, skills and training activities to work on mental fitness of athletes and other groups.Through this we facilitate a practical approach to relate work & life situations through the outcomes of the match/game.

  5. Expressive Arts – We believe that the arts such as creative movement, visual art, drama and theatre etc., serve as effective mediums for self expression, communication, catharsis, stress reduction, motivation, healing and encourage the use of the same for health and wellbeing. We have designed a project called ‘Art Talks’ which is an art-based intervention for special needs or underprivileged groups.